2012 Utah-Japan International Tournament

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Yusuke Tanaka

Masaki Endo

Hikaru Fukuoka

Haruka Kimura

Kazuki Sawada

Yuya Hoshino

Misaki Kawamura

Masahiro Hattori

Katsuya Tanahashi

Naoki Nagai

USA                                                               JAPAN

4 1/2                                                                 40 1/2


Katsuya Tanahashi


The Utah-Japan International Tournament

    Each year, participating Japanese students compete for the opportunity to represent Japan in the Utah-Japan International Tournament. It is a great honor for the students to represent their country and for most, it is their first chance to play in a tournament with foreign players.

    The Utah-Japan International Tournament is modeled after the famous Ryder Cup matches that have been held between the United States and Great Britain/Europe since 1927. Match-play is most dramatic format in golf, and the Utah-Japan International Tournament has certainly had its share of dramatic moments.The Canyon Course at Mountain Dell has been established as the permanent home of the tournament and the Pro-Shop houses the Utah-Japan Cup, which is on display throughout the year.

    The Judge Memorial Bulldogs have participated as the host team since 2008. The budding rivalry has swung Japan’s way in two of the last three tournaments and Team Japan currently holds the Utah-Japan Cup.

    The tournament is a great example of international cooperation and sportsmanship, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for players, both Japanese and American to compete in a true international setting. Notable Japanese and American professional golfers such as Katsuya Tanihashi, Koto Gondo and Ryuichi Kondo have competed in the tournament and appreciate the experience and confidence it gave them in preparation for their careers.

Utah-Japan Golf Program

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Team USA

Jake Chandler

Joe Cremer

Max Butcher

Ethan Chandler

Chase Robinson

Danny Higgins

Paul Oliver

Dakota Defa

Anthony Randazzo

Jacob Turner